UPC proceedings and Unitary Patents: statistics and trends two months in

Recent statistics and trends regarding UPC proceedings and Unitary Patents reveal that opt-outs during the sunrise period of the Unified Patent Court were driven by concerns over central revocation actions. So far, only 4 out of all UPC proceedings seek revocation, while 22 are infringement actions. Most actions involve existing disputes between parties. The majority of infringement and revocation actions are filed in German divisions, with no known proceedings in the Paris central division or the other 6 local divisions. The European Patent Office's Unitary Patent dashboard shows that 5,545 requests for unitary effect have been made, representing 25.5% of European patents granted in June and July 2023. The top filers of unitary effect requests are Volvo Truck Corporation, Vestas Wind Systems, Siemens AG, Huawei Technologies, and Koninklijke Philips. Proprietors based in Europe show a greater interest in unitary patents compared to those from Asia and the US. The majority of translations for unitary effect requests are into English, with Spanish being the second most popular language. Medical device-related patents dominate the top International Patent Classifications for patents with unitary effect requests. Germany is leading in terms of owners of unitary patents, opt-outs, UPC representatives, infringement actions, revocation actions, and the use of German as the translation language for unitary effect requests.


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