A New Lawsuit Lifts the Lid on Shein & its AI-Powered Model

The lawsuit filed against Shein in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York sheds light on the alleged systematic digital copyright infringement facilitated by the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Artist Alan Giana accuses Shein of unauthorized use and manufacturing of his artwork, claiming that the company's business model is built on widespread copyright infringement. Giana asserts that Shein employs algorithms and AI to identify popular works created by artists and designers, which are then misappropriated for manufacturing and selling without attribution. 

He argues that Shein's use of AI allows it to rapidly produce designs, often identical copies of copyrighted works, without human oversight to ensure originality. Additionally, Shein allegedly supplements its electronic data-mining system with online research and surveillance of retail competitors to identify commercially successful designs.
Giana contends that Shein's deliberate and long-standing use of AI to copy and appropriate copyrighted works demonstrates willful copyright infringement. 

The lawsuit seeks class action certification, injunctive relief, and monetary damages for the alleged copyright infringement. Notably, this is not the first legal challenge to Shein's business model, as independent designers previously filed a lawsuit in California, alleging that Shein's secretive algorithm damages independent designers' careers by misappropriating designs with high commercial potential. 

These cases raise concerns about the increasing use of AI in the fashion industry to analyze market trends and expedite product design and manufacturing.
Shein has not yet provided a comment on the matter. 

The case is identified as Giana v. Shein Distribution Corp, 1:24-cv-02599 (SDNY).

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