UPC roundup: Apple, Google lose bid to switch to English; translation to non-UPC language is party’s problem; serving complaint at trade show

The recent aggregation of news on Unified Patent Court (UPC) decisions from LinkedIn posts highlights significant developments.
Firstly, the President of the Court of First Instance (CFI) denied motions by Apple and Google to switch to English in a case brought by a Spanish licensing firm, citing efficiency and overlap with parallel proceedings in a German national court.

the Hague Local Division (LD) ruled that translation to a non-UPC language is the responsibility of the party being sued, not the court, and won't be considered as part of the overall costs of the proceedings. 

Lastly, the Dusseldorf LD allowed service of a complaint on a Turkish defendant at a trade show booth in the Netherlands, emphasizing the practicality and efficiency of the decision. These decisions are expected to set precedents for future cases.

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