Adobe Gets E-Signature Patent Claims Erased as Ineligible at CAFC

On July 3, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) upheld a district court's decision deeming a patent for e-signature technology ineligible under Section 101. 

The district court concluded that the patent claims pertained to an established business practice, rendering them abstract under Alice step one. Furthermore, it found that the claims lacked an inventive step at Alice step two. 
Judge Prost was the author of the CAFC opinion. The ruling signifies a significant setback for the patent holder, as it reinforces the trend of courts scrutinizing the eligibility of patents related to software and business methods. 

This decision underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the boundaries of patent eligibility in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation. 
The outcome of this case is likely to have implications for future patent applications and litigation in the e-signature technology sector.

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