Agcom approves the new regulation on copyright intermediation

The recent implementation of Resolution No. 95/24/CONS by the Italian Communications Authority (Agcom) marks the approval of a new Regulation concerning information obligations and contractual adjustments for authors, artists, performers, and the representativeness of collective management organizations. This measure aligns with the Copyright Directive (EU 2019/790) transposed into national law through legislative decree 177/2021, granting Agcom specific new powers. The Resolution aims to ensure fair competition among stakeholders, enhancing contractual conditions and informational guarantees for authors and artists, ultimately fostering greater transparency and equity in their dealings with publishers. It also introduces provisions for detailed revenue information and renegotiation rights for authors, as well as criteria for determining the representativeness of collecting societies. Additionally, it establishes a dispute resolution mechanism, underscoring Agcom's commitment to promoting fairness and transparency in copyright protection, ultimately advancing a more equitable and competitive creative market in Italy.

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