EU copyright law roundup – first trimester of 2024

The first trimester of the 2024 roundup of EU copyright law has seen significant developments in CJEU judgments, AG opinions, and policy reports, particularly from the UK.
The CJEU ruled that Italian law prohibiting independent management entities from offering services in Italy is incompatible with the freedom to provide services under Directive 2014/26.
AG Szpunar delivered an opinion in GEMA, addressing the communication to the public through the installation of TV sets with indoor antennas. The implementation of the CDSM Directive remains a persistent topic, with Poland being the only Member State yet to implement it. 

In the policy arena, the UKIPO issued a voluntary code of good practice on transparency in music streaming, emphasizing clear and transparent sharing of relevant information. Additionally, the UK House of Lords released a report urging the UK government to address the issue of generative AI, highlighting the complexity of applying copyright law to large language models. 

The UKIPO also published reports on public perceptions of intellectual property in UK media and the impact of the metaverse on intellectual property rights.
The European Commission issued a recommendation on measures to combat counterfeiting and enhance the enforcement of intellectual property rights, while the European Parliament adopted the AI Act in March 2024. Several copyright cases on communication to the public and the notion of a work are pending before the CJEU, including those concerning satellite broadcasting, hotel and fitness rooms, the French HADOPI law, apartment buildings, and retirement homes.
The CJEU will also have its final say on cases related to game consoles and cheat software, fair remuneration, copyright exploitation contracts under the CDSM Directive, pastiche, and collective management. 

Overall, the first trimester of 2024 has seen significant developments in EU copyright law, with key rulings, opinions, and policy reports shaping the landscape of intellectual property rights and enforcement.

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